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Artist Statement


Sergi Zader was born 04. 01. 1962 in Lviv, Ukraine.

Lives and work in the USA, Michigan, since 1997.

As a young boy running around the Ukrainian countryside, I found inspiration at every turn. The animals and plants filled me with energy that could never be found in the cities and towns. The beauty of the natural world continues to move me as an artist, and a person, in my second home in the United States.

I find that art and nature have healing properties, and particularly discovered this when my wife and creative partner Nataliya became ill. In my art, I try to channel humor—the best medicine, still-and a bit of whimsy and positive energy to send healing vibes to anyone who views my creations. I combine some of the logic of mathematical, geometric precision with the ancient wisdom of the elders to produce work that positively vibrates with good feeling and positive energy. An art that heals, and feels.

In my animal sculptures, crafted from fiberglass and adorned with beads and Swarovski crystals, I mix the enigmatic animal energies of familiar beasts like elephants, cats, birds and even rhinos with my whimsical interpretation of how they could feel to you—why not a green-and-pink elephant, or even a star-spangled one (Elephant USA). Why not an emerald-green rhino with an enormous horn (Paradise Rhino) whose geometric patterns attract the positive forces of attraction and abundance, and mirrors the Anahata chakra, which can literally help you breathe easier?

Even my bejeweled cats are not ordinary household felines: they incorporate imagery from Ancient Egypt, India and American indigenous cultures in pieces like Blue Dream Cat and Bastet Cat (Bastet was the Egyptian cat god who brought protection, pleasure, and health!). The duality of nature is reflected perfectly in Lionfish—one of the most dangerous, and most beautiful, creatures in the ocean.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Creative Studies of Lviv and Master’s degree from Lviv Polytechnic Institute. I believe that this unique combination of fine arts with a grounding in technical knowledge informs my creative approach.

My technical mastery, for example, has also allowed me to restore classic wooden panels and altars from Asia without forgetting their spiritual import.

I’d like my art to make people stop for one moment and think about how we can help each other make this world better and more beautiful. But let’s have fun at the same time! We have only one shot to connect with the universe and make an impact in life.



College of Creative Studies of Lviv

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Creative Studies of Lviv


Lviv Polytechnic Institute


Master’s degree from Lviv Polytechnic Institute

Professional experience


Teacher of processing of metal art at College of Creative art, Lviv, Ukraine

Since 1981

More than 100 exhibitions Ukraine, USA:

- Art leader Gallery

- Orchard Lake Fine art Show

- Detroit Fine Art Show


Art Prize, Grand Rapids, Award winning


Spectrum, Miami


Global Art Awards, Tokyo


Hamptons Fine Art Fair


Context Art Miami




Art Wynwood


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 

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